Well, O.K., at someone’s face.  In other words, this is where genuinely customised, advanced dental practice technology makes its presence felt for the benefit of the patient and for you, the dental practitioner.

Patient Images

This is a source of frustration for many practices as most practice management software falls far short of real needs.

Zeno Dental’s practice management software, however, puts this vital facility front and centre of its many advances for fast, streamlined practice management and patient care

The benefits you’ll experience with Zeno Dental software include:

Dental Xray Software Compatible

  • Image capture from most connected video devices
  • Intra-oral and extra-oral images captured and saved direct to a patient’s clinical records
  • Images displayed side-by-side for instant comparison and attachable to the treatment chart for esay reference
  • Individual patient’s images can be used within that patient’s correspondence for personalised clinical reports and treatment estimates
  • Scanning of images
  • Images can be imported from your computer or camera
  • Basic image editing


Treatment Planning

Dental Treament Planing Software With Medicare Integration

Long-term dentistry

The days of patients passively leaving treatment plans to the dentist’s discretion and just paying as best they could are long gone.

Today’s informative, patient-involved practices require informed consent, curative planning and, more than ever, long term cosmetic dentistry.

Zeno Dental Practice Software makes this new approach to dentistry quickly and easily actionable, with print-outs for the patient and long-term planning and treatments clearly explained and costed.

Each treatment plan has a built-in word processor to help you create detailed treatment templates incorporating existing patient information and proposed treatment plans.  With long term plans clearly set out for both dentist and patient, informed consent is easily achieved.

Clinical Notes

For a Dental Practice, Clinical Notes is an essential part of operations. It is also important that you get all the necessary features to make it easy without compromising on accuracy.

Using Zeno Dental’s Practice Management Software, you get all the following features in clinical notes:

  • Dentists Practice Notes SoftwareAlmost unlimited note templates
  • Rich Text formatting, allowing for changes to Font, Size, Colour, Highlighting and much more
  • Same day editing of notes is allowed. All changes are recorded
  • Search functionality
  • Spell checking facility

Choice of templates in Clinical Notes is a key feature that allows for common information to be pasted into the notes section for editing. This can be customised to each dental practitioner. The ability to highlight and change fonts allows you to enhance your notation ensuring important information stands out.

Since Zeno Dental Practice Software has been developed by people who understand your industry, there is a feature to ensure that your notes are legally acceptable. For this, there is a “same day only” editing rule on all clinical notes. In addition to this, all the changes made are recorded as well. All notes are time stamped and include the name of all users who logged in to the terminal.


Periodontal Charting

Perio Charting SoftwareWith its direct and integral relationship to better health in general, as well as better teeth over a lifetime, periodontal examination and meticulous record keeping is a vital part of today’s thorough, pro-active dental practice.

To make this all-important aspect of oral health easier and record-keeping more accurate, Zeno Dental’s Practice Management Software offers a Periodontal Chart that includes:

  • Comprehensive reporting using clear, concise graphics
  • Existing restorations and missing teeth
  • Recession, pocket depth, furcation, mobiloity, mucogingival junction, calculus, plaque, bleeding and suppuration
  • Automatic positioning using starting quadrant and direction to suit the user’s preference
  • Two, four or six point charting
  • Full graphic periodontal chart with key for easier patient explanations
  • BPE Scoring

I like the software, what do I do now?

The best way to see how advanced Zeno IT Dental Practice Technology is compared to older systems is to have a live demonstration, where and when it suits you.

In the meantime, here’s a brief list of some advantages that will save you time, money and techno-wrestling:

  • Image capture from most connected video devices
  • Save intra-oral and extra-oral images direct to patient’s clinical record
  • Display images side by side for comparison
  • Attach images to specific tooth or teeth
  • Patient images can be used within that patient’s correspondence
  • Scan images
  • Import images from your computer or camera
  • Basic image editing