As Dental Practice Manager, you know that the reporting system is vital for better workflow.  Unfortunately, the older systems just don’t deliver with the speed and ease that will really increase workflow.

But now there’s Zeno dental practice management software.

Increased Workflow

Dental Practice Manamegment Software AustraliaZeno Dental Practice Software comes packed with so many intuitive and innovative features that you can see it working for you at all levels of your business. With faster, accurate reporting, versatile appointment book, detailed treatment plans and superior customer service functions, Zeno Dental Practice Software has the power to inject more efficiency into your dental practice business.

You can serve more patients in less time, manage repeat visits more efficiently and make the patients feel well looked after. As your patients get more value for their money, your business will make more profits too.

Easy Recalls

Dental Practice softwareWith Zeno Dental Practice software, one of the most important aspects of customer service and practice profitability is now one of the easiest to manage.

When you record the initial appointment confirmation and the appointment is completed, you set a recall date.  The patient is automatically added to the Recall List and sent a reminder by mail, email or SMS with a follow-up phone call if needed.

Recalls are now less time-consuming, more diligently followed up and more reliable.  Another practice-patient win-win.


New Patients ReportYou know your dental practice is only as good as its reporting systems.

Complete and comprehensive reports are vital to the smooth running of a successful practice, helping you to identify areas for improvement  and key performance indicators.

Zeno dental software Australia will help you analyse appointment patterns, speedily deliver financial information and show clinical effectiveness easily and faster than you thought possible.  It can be done on existing templates or a customised template to suit your practice requirements.

Treatment Estimates

Treatment EstimateThe bane of every dental practice and the most dreaded aspect of treatment for the patient (root canal therapy can seem preferable), cost estimates and customised treatment plans can now be handled easily, simply and more accurately.

By integrating all your patient’s information, including X-rays, appointment breakdowns, treatment plans, past treatments and anticipated problems, it is Infinitely easier for the practice manager to prepare accurate cost estimates.  The patient appreciates your transparency, and you can predict your practice’s financial future more accurately too.

Medical histories

Obtaining medical histories from patients can be time-consuming for both the patient and you, but Zeno proves that it doesn’t have to be so.

Instead of making do with the same questionnaire used by other dental practices, you can customise one that suits your patient profile and practice needs.  Patients can fill in their questionnaire using a touch screen in your practice or, in the near future, our newly developed online questionnaire at home.  (You will be able to digitally capture their signature at their first appointment).

Appointment History

Appointment HistoryNo more muddled dental appointments, confused dates and times or conversations like
“I thought you had …” and “No, you said you had ….”.

When you upgrade to Zeno dental software, one click allows you to speedily view past and pending appointments for a patient, including a breakdown of Attended, Pending, Failed and Cancelled appointments.

Changes made to individual dental appointments can be tracked and checked for date and time changes, including who made the changes and from which computer.  Your dental practice runs more smoothly and efficiently, and that means more profitably.

Zeno’s rapid reports technology will enable you to run through hundreds of thousands of records in less than a second.

Try it for yourself

Seeing is believing. The downloadable dental software demo lists thousands of appointments already populated, so you can see for yourself how extraordinarily fast Zeno’s Rapid Reports Technology works.

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