Successful dental practices rely on the responsiveness, flexibility, accuracy and reliability of its front desk staff. 

To help these invaluable people streamline your dental practice, Zeno IT’s Appointment Book Module enables speedy booking, checking in and scheduling of appointments.

Advanced Search

Appointment Management SoftwareWith Dental Practice Software you can also search for vacant appointments including multiple users. This feature allows you a complete picture of appointment schedules, making it easy to book or reschedule appointments for multiple users.

This is great if your need a Dental then a Hygienist appointment immediately after one another, not only that but you can customize the waiting time between the appointments and even chooses selected days of the week and specific times.



Customised Layout

Using Dental Practice Software, you can customise your appointment book layout to suit the requirements of your practice. You can add or delete fields and also make modifications to ensure the template has all the necessary information for your use.

Recently we have optimised the software for larger screens, you can now change where the task bar sits, increase the size of the overview, duplicate the time slots on both sides of the screen and more.

Patient Details

Patient Details SectionWith Zeno Dental Practice Software, all the important patient information is just one click away. The template contains several fields to contain all the necessary information required for treatment or administrative purposes.

  • Personal information at a glance
  • Patient flags for alerting patients status and conditions
  • Facility to enter multiple addresses and telephone numbers
  • Scheme information for private, Medicare and other insurance schemes
  • Practice related information
  • Medical warnings
  • GP contact details
  • Family member listings
  • Patient photo for ease of recognising and recalling patients
  • Custom fields for capturing important information
  • Date related information including last examination and last visit
  • Oral health scoring

Smart Appointment Reminders


Zeno Dental Practice Software offers you various ways to send reminders to patients about their appointments. The systems allows you to use SMS, email or the conventional letter to establish contact with the patient.

As a great new feature, our Intelligent SMS Notification offers colour-coded information – red for failed delivery, amber for sent to recipient mobile carrier, green for successful delivery, blue for prepared to be sent (queued).







Patient Correspondence

With Zeno Dental Practice Software, you will always be up to speed with keeping your patients up to date.

  • Dental CRM SoftwareInternal Word processor
  • Scanning
  • Emails
  • Text Messaging
  • Unlimited Templates
  • Manually input notes pertaining to communication
  • Import most popular document formats including DOC, DOCX, RTF, TXT, HTML

Communicating with your patients has never been easier! Now you can send letters, emails and text messages – directly from the patient’s correspondence screen!

Zeno Dental Practice Software also enables you to view the entire communication history with a patient with the option to preview any file. You will never need to search folders for a patient letter again.

With the inbuilt word processor, you don’t need to spend extra money on third party software. Thanks to our word processor, you can take comfort in the fact that documents created by you cannot be tampered with externally – eliminating any possibility of miscommunication. What shows on your screen is exactly what the patient will receive.

What’s more, with Zeno Dental Practice Software you can scan letters, and import documents with the click of a button.

Versatile Appointment Book

Zeno Dental Practice Software comes with a feature packed Appointment Book that allows you to be on top of making and updating appointments at all times.

  • Unlimited number of appointment books
  • Dental Reception SoftwareColour-coded appointments
  • Appointment sessions based on patients scheme (i.e. Medicare, private, dental plan)
  • Available appointments search function including multiple users
  • SMS and e-mail reminders
  • Drag-and-drop functionality
  • Cancellation lists
  • On Hold list

Zeno Dental Practice Software – Appointment Book

The Appointment Book has been designed in a way that most users will find it very easy to work with. The neatly arranged fields and colour-coding enables you to access all the information at a glance and book or update appointments for multiple practitioners. One of the main benefits of our appointment book style is familiarity – if you have used MS Office Outlook, you will find Zeno Dental Practice Software Appointment Book very easy to learn.

Working with Zeno Dental Practice Software Appointment Book, you can answer patients queries in a flash and print out all future appointments with just a click. A special ‘save’ feature allows you to return to the last slot visited for each patient. For example, if a patient is booking an appointment at the desk and another patient calls to book theirs, you you can deal with that caller and return to the appointment slot and deal with the first patient at the desk.

  • New, streamlined methods for booking and checking in appointments
  • Live ‘virtual waiting”
  • Vacant appointments search, including multiple users.
  • Schedule a dental appointment after a Hygienist appointment or vice versa
  • Customise waiting time between appointments
  • Choose selected days of the week and specific times
  • HICAPS integration
  • Link the booking system to your website


One of the big Zeno differences is the fact that you are guaranteed 100% dedicated service for everything from minor to major.  That’s because we invented it, built it and know everything there is to know about it – and we want it to work like a charm.  That way, you’ll tell other dental practices about it, and … ta-daaah … this week Australia, next week The World.

Dental Practice Technology that fits your needs, not theirs

Zeno’s unmatched technologies go one step further, by customising reception features to suit your particular dental practice needs and methods.

No more frustration and time wasted trying to make your front line staff fit the technology.