Saving you Time and Money

Zeno Dental is not just a Practice Management Software, it is a total business solution for your practice. Right out of the box, our software includes many time and money saving features. There are no additional costs to purchase Microsoft Word or Outlook and best of all because the entire system is integrated in one package, you don’t have to worry about incomparability issues and IT maintenance is also kept in tab when the complexity is simplified.

Intuitive Charting

We take away the pain from long cumbersome dental charting with our unique intuitive technique. Depending on which tooth and area the user click on, our system is smart enough to work out what treatment can be applied. It reduces the need to scroll through pages of options, makes charting more straight forward, the dental nurse can focus on assisting the dentist saving you time and making your practice more efficient.


ZenoDentalChart (Custom)


The Appointment Book has been designed in a way that most users will find it very easy to work with. Yes, you can drag-n-drop appointments which is handy if a patient call up to change to a different date and time. But we didn’t just stop there, we have provisioned numerous time-saving shortcuts such as:

  • Patient you can put a patients appointment on hold or move to the cancellation list, and at any time they need to re-book, the receptionist can simply drag and drop the appointment to a new date and time
  • A special ‘save’ feature allows you to return to the last slot visited for each patient. For example, if a patient is booking an appointment at the desk and another patient calls to book theirs, you you can deal with that caller and return to the appointment slot and deal with the first patient at the desk.

Zeno Dental will continue to look for new ways to reinvent ourselves. How? By listening to you! Some of our best features have been developed because of suggestions by our clients…

Easy Recalls

With Zeno Dental Practice software, one of the most important aspects of customer service and practice profitability is now one of the easiest to manage. When you record the initial appointment confirmation and the appointment is completed, you set a recall date. The patient is automatically added to the Recall List and sent a reminder by mail, email or SMS with a follow-up phone call if needed.

Recalls are now less time-consuming, more diligently followed up and more reliable. Another practice-patient win-win.2013-05-21 18_00_41-Patient Recall


Built-in CRM

Our built-in word processor will help you create detailed treatment templates incorporating existing patient information and proposed treatment plans. Users can also create unlimited templates which can be supplied to any correspondences: letters, quotes and even SMS.

With long term plans clearly set out for both dentist and patient, informed consent is easily achieved.

Template and Mail merge

Our practice management software has are several ready-to-use templates but you can create unlimited amount of templates for different email, letter and SMS correspondence.

Creating letters is easy with our built-in mail merge facility which interacts directly with the database. What it means is that you can easily insert patient-relevant information into the letter, for example inserting the patient address, x-ray images or dental chart from as easy as a click of a button. You can also organise any all your marketing campaigns through Zeno Dental


Built-in Emails and SMS

Our Practice Management Software comes with an email support so you can send and receive emails for individual users. This saves the need to purchase additional mail product like Microsoft Outlook. The key benefit for the practice is that any mail correspondence with patient is filed directly to their record allowing you to become a more efficient and paperless office

SMS messaging is an optional feature that can be activated with Zeno Dental. This allows your appointment book to send out reminders to patients. As it is an integrated module, you don’t need to look up the telephone number. If a patient is part to a family, only the head of household will receive the SMS. You can also organise any all your marketing campaigns through Zeno Dental. The rate is on a sliding scale and reduced based on the volume of messages sent each month.

With the built-in traffic light system (what does this mean), the system informs you if the SMS is not received or unread. For financial purpose, there is an online dashboard which provides your practice manager an itemised monthly report of every message sent, as well as a historical monthly breakdown with summary. It also save any messages to the patients file.


Document Manager

Monitoring communication with patients is a vital part of any dental practice. Zeno Dental enables you to send letters, emails, marketing, special promotions, offers and text messages directly from the patient’s correspondence screen.

The entire communication history is displayed with the ability to preview any file. More importantly, all incoming documents cannot be tampered with externally. This ensures that what you see on screen is the correspondence the patient was sent.

As part of the CRM integration, practices who use Zeno Dental can achieve a paperless office environment. You can scan documents from any scanner device and you can also import most popular documents and support all popular file formats including DOC, DOCX, RTF, TXT, HTML.

Here are some reasons to go paperless: easy storage, a paper trial of documents as they are filed against the associate patients, time savings in looking for your required documents and central management means security and control over your ever-growing information.


Built-in backup

To ensure your business continuity, Zeno Dental has a built-in backup system in which can automate the process. We can copy your database to the local disk at a scheduled time. And instead of replacing tape or hard disk, we can enable off-site storage, we can also replicate the database to a remote destination. We can even customise the destination to a cloud storage providing you with the best solution for your requirements.